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What We Offer

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IT Development and Consulting Services



IT services

We offer both standardized and customized software development services for startups, medium and large organizations. We can build specific teams or custom software.

We have many years of experience not only in IT development, but also in change management. We can become your organization's external partners, consultants, training organizers, IT process coordinators, auditors, or IT specialists.

Efficiency is our priority, that's why we also strive to create such IT solutions for our clients that would not complicate the organization, but on the contrary would bring ease and productivity to daily processes.



Whether it is ERP system, or your existing proprietary system which has API. We can integrate it with other systems. MS Dynamics ERP, Odoo, Zoho, or others.
The computer is a bicycle for the mind, but only when you ride on it and not walk it beside you. Your systems can and should work seamlessly and we're here to help. 

System integration is a key to efficient and consistent information delivery across the supply chain internally and externally.


3D Configurators

Streamline your sales funnel and make it a most efficient tool possible. Using cutting edge techniques and technologies we will build a system that will create a WOW effect, produce leads, quotes, and will integrate with stakeholders at the same time.

Be a no match to a competition!


Microsoft SharePoint CDE

Discover and apply digital transformation in engineering to grow business value and generate maximum returns.

Microsoft SharePoint CDE is a premium content and document management software, which ensures effective cooperation and document sharing between entities of project.

Since Microsoft SharePoint allows you to go beyond standard functions, knowing the needs of engineering organizations we offer specific, efficient, and reliable solutions for collaboration, data management, process automation, and report generation using and integrating them with other internal or external business programs, systems, and platforms.



We apply our long-term experience and expert knowledge in the provision of informational building modeling services - create and help manage all building information throughout the building's life cycle.

Having a BIM system not only allows all project participants to collaborate effectively, but also significantly reduces the time and costs of structural design.

Get in touch and we'll tell you more about how BIM works and the benefits.


Customization and plug-ins

BIM/CAD/CAM/CAE plug-in development for all engineering needs. 
One of the big challenges in implementing technologies is that mostly there are no one-fits-all solutions in the whole industry. Even more to each company needs.
We're here to help to find a solution suitable to you with developing an integrated system, getting your team up to speed with designing, developing, training, and consulting you all the way through to successful implementation!

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